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ACS Leadership Institute 2023

Over the past weekend, I was invited to attend the 2023 ACS Leadership Institute as the Chair-Elect of the Division of Chemical Information (CINF). It was great to make contacts with folks across different parts of the organization, and as always, it was great to see my CINF colleagues. Photographed is Ye Li, librarian at MIT and the Chair of CINF. The Leadership Institute took place January 20-22, 2023 in Atlanta, GA.

Chair-Elect of CINF, it’s official!

I am excited to share that I have been elected Chair-Elect of the Division of Chemical Information (CINF) of the American Chemical Society. This Division represents all things chemical information, including chemistry librarianship, informatics, data science, and more. After serving as the CINF Program Chair for 2022, I was honored that my colleagues asked me to step up and be nominated. I will be working with CINF leadership for a three year term and I’m looking forward to all the new opportunities for us as a division.

Libraries Employee Excellence Award

I was honored to receive a 2022 Smathers Libraries Employee Excellence Award in the category of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. I’m very grateful for the supportive colleagues I have at Marston Science Library. The fact that these awards are peer-nominated and peer-chosen makes me feel like I am doing something right. Let’s keep up the good fight together.

Starting a Website – Phew!

After a weekend-long, self-taught crash course in using WordPress, I think I finally have the template and look/feel for what I want on this website. Still lots to write, but I’m looking forward to sharing more information here in the future moving forward. Cheers to learning new skills and finding new ways to connect.