ACS Spring 2023 Presentation: Rethinking Library Research Guides

American Chemical Society Spring 2023 Meeting

I had a great time attending the ACS Spring 2023 Meeting over the past week. Although I was attending virtually, it was great to see all of the hard work of my colleagues in the Division of Chemical Information (CINF) come together and present a really interesting program.

For this meeting, I organized a symposium entitled “Innovations in Library Instruction” and we had an amazing lineup of speakers. I took a little time this afternoon to record a run of my presentation so that I could post it online and make it accessible to those not at the ACS Meeting.

Presentation Recording


Library Research Guides (often called LibGuides, Subject Guides, and many other names) are a favorite tool among librarians and are meant to serve as a quick start guide for finding information in a particular discipline. Chemistry LibGuides often contain exhaustive lists of links to reference works, literature databases, chemical data, and related tools, such as citation management software. However, most LibGuides fundamentally assume that the learner is already a skilled information seeker and are not accessible to novice learners stepping into literature searching for the first time. In an effort to aid chemistry undergraduate students, I ditched the old LibGuides and started fresh to create a learning object for novice information seekers. The new Chemistry Research Guide is part traditional library guide, part online lesson module, and has seen a significant increase in usage statistics. Learning objectives, design considerations, and interactive elements will be shown.

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Nolan, M. M. “Rethinking Library Research Guides: Making LibGuides Useful for Beginners” (oral presentation). Division of Chemical Information (CINF), American Chemical Society. American Chemical Society Spring 2023 Meeting, Indianapolis, IN and Virtual. March 2023. Recording accessed at

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